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Hostel Facilities/ Transportation/ Cafeteria

Separate hostel facilities are available for boys and girls in the vicinity of the college. Hostel students are provided hygienic food with five regular meals each day. Tutorial classes in major subjects will be provided to the residents of the hostel.

The College has a well-managed fleet of buses for the pick-up and dropping off of students to and from various hubs of the city. The facility is provided to the students for hassle free movement to and from the College.

The College runs a cafeteria which provides a variety of hygienically prepared food at reasonable and affordable price especially to meet the requirements of a student.


We focus on small lecture sizes to consolidate individual learning needs and to meet specific help required by the students. Classrooms are well ventilated and comfortable.

The Laboratories are ideally equipped with all necessary instruments and materials required to strengthen theoretical concepts through practical understanding and application that facilitates cater better understanding for academic excellence. Our students will have access to the IT/Computer laboratory for high speed, free internet access as a valuable research and learning tool in the college premises. The computer laboratory includes the latest PCs, on one to one basis.

Our library is well stocked with all necessary subject textbooks, both for reference as well as for issue in addition to scores of academic as well as professional journals/periodicals.

Recently, the college purchased around 10 Ropanies of land at Maitidevi- Old Baneshwor height and the construction of a Hi-Tech new building is in the process and will be completed within 2020.

Sports Facilities/Extra-Curricular Activities

A student is considered complete with a well developed all round personality if he/she is adept, not just in academics but also in the field of sports and extracurricular activities. The College has provisions for students to showcase their talents in various games like Basketball, Cricket, Football, Futsal, Martial Arts, Volleyball and other indoor games like Table Tennis, Badminton, Chess etc. The students are encouraged to participate in Intra and Inter College tournaments. The annual college sports events will provide every student with an opportunity to participate and excel in their chosen sport. As part of ECA the students are enthusiastically prepared and promoted to take part in various National and International competitions like Debates, Essays, Quiz Contests, Talent Hunt, Beauty Pageants, Exhibitions, Arts & Literature etc.