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B. Sc. Environment
    Fact File

    Program length
    Three years

    Entry requirements
    Application is open to students of Science background who have cleared HSEB / I.Sc or equivalent with a minimum of 50%.

    Commencement of course
    Kartik/Mangsir each year

    Contact person:
    Program Director
    Birendra Man Tamrakar
    Tel: +977-1-4477082/4495165 Ext. 104
    Email: b.tamrakar@goldengate.edu.np

    Academic Director
    Mahesh Joshi
    Tel: +977-1-4477082/4495165 Ext. 104
    Email: m.joshi@goldengate.edu.np


    This program aims at preparing result oriented hands as environmental monitors, advisors, or environmental analysts.

    Program content

    First Year:
    Environment ENV311 (Theory),
    ENV312 (Prac.)
    Chemistry CHEM311 (Theory),
    CHEM312 (Prac.)
    Botany BOT311 (Theory),
    BOT312 (Prac.)*
    Zoology ZOL311 (Theory),
    ZOL312 (Prac.)*

    Second Year:
    Environment ENV321 (Theory),
    ENV322 (Prac.)
    Chemistry CHEM321 (Theory),
    CHEM322 (Prac.)
    Botany BOT321 (Theory),
    BOT322 (Prac.)*
    Zoology ZOL321 (Theory),
    ZOL322 (Prac.)*

    Third Year:
    Environment ENV331 (Theory),
    ENV332 (Prac.)
    Environment ENV333 (Theory), ENV334 (Prac.)
    Research Methodology